• Orphan Children
  • HIV Infected & Affected Children
  • Street Children
  • Abandonment Children
  • Child Labour
  • Out School Children
  • Migrated Children
  • Victimized Children
  • Community Development
  • Women, Girl Child Empowerment
  • Child Rights Promotion
  • Disabled


The CORE is depended upon the member’s subscriptions and public donations to carry out the activities of the CORE. CORE is also wishing to raise the funds from the Govt. and Non-Govt. sector to its proposed welfare schemes/programmes. The CORE is maintaining is up to date records of income,


The CORE target area covered 3 tribal mandal and surrounding 16 mandal identified as upland. In the mandals S.C., S.T people are most vulnerable sections, physically and mentally they are weak because of ideological and educational approach on one hand and the socio-economic suppression on the other hand.


The CORE have been providing love and attention to the poor children in Tribal and Upland area of the west Godavari district, as well as education, food and development (physical& social). Please help us. Anything is welcome: clothes, school supplies, food.

Welcome to CORE

Care for Orphans Rehabilitation and Educational society (CORE) is an independent, indigenous non-governmental organization with the prime mandate of to give CARE to ORPHANS, REHABILITATION to most vulnerable and providing an EDUCATION (formal and/ vocational) to needy children.  For this the CORE is endeavors to bring life into lifeless children like poor, neglected and forgotten orphans, abandonment, vulnerable (all needy children).


We work together with children, their families, communities and governments in across Andhra Pradesh, South India to ensure that protect and promote the Child Rights for grow up all needy children and their families. The organization has been given the chance of an education, regardless of their sex, creed, colour, cultural background or disabilities, so that they (children) enjoy the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities.



The CORE chief functionary T.N.SNEHAN has been appointed as Chairperson in Child Welfare Committee, West Godavari by Government of Andhra Pradesh, India for care and protection of every needy child. The committee is having judicial powers; it is bench of magistrates by the Juvenile Justice Act 2000.


About ‘CORE’ Chief Functionary

Mr.T.N.Snehan is acting President of CORE (Care for Orphans Rehabilitation and Educational society). He is real an orphan he has no parents. His mother was expired in his child hood days. He never saw his mother face and he don’t know about mother’s love and affection. His father was died in his school days. He is studied his studies in Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare hostels. He got Degree in Social Work and Passed in M.A (Sociology). He was studied Batcher of Law and got PG Diploma in Journalism.


  Mr.Snehan knows orphanage life problems. He was tasted the orphanage troubles in his childhood days. He faced so   many hurdles and ignominy by his relatives and neighbors. By the all experiences of child hood and problems by orphanage he was started the CORE with the collaboration and cooperation of his friends and thinking like his. His life ambition is ‘to construct ORPHAN HOME with 100 children.